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If you’re passionate about songwriting and open to the wonderful possibilities that come along with online collaboration, then you would make a perfect SongwriterLink member. Whether you’re looking to score a publishing deal or want to collaborate just for fun, SongwriterLink’s matching algorithm will pair you up with other songwriters who share your same goals and passion.


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“I found SongwriterLink very helpful in getting in touch with potential collaborators. One of my collaborations has already borne fruit, and our co-write has been submitted to a musical opportunity.” – Robin G. from the UK, SongwriterLink member since March 2015

“All of my collaborations have been long distance. Three of my collaborators live in a different country! Long distance has not been an issue since my collaborators and I have been consistent with one another, and they’re just great to work with. Talented, too!” – Ramon M. from North Carolina, SongwriterLink member since August 2014

“Through SongwriterLink, I have been able to collaborate with other songwriters in many different styles from all over the world in a professional capacity, and have even had some of those songs pitched to major artists! Both my songwriting craft and my business network have improved greatly because of this.” – Adri-Anne R. from California, SongwriterLink member since January 2014

“I’ve co-written nine songs this year! It has been very productive and a completely new experience for me. I had never done this before and I’m very happy with the results. Thanks for everything!” – Jose F. from Mexico, SongwriterLink member since December 2014

“SongwriterLink has given me the opportunity to work with co-writers from all over the world. This is the best website if you are looking to write music. My songwriting continues to improve the more that I co-write!” – Jeff D. from Colorado, SongwriterLink member since July 2014


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