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I am a bass-guitar player and composer. I'm looking for a lyrisist as I am not that one at all! Once in 2005 I sent a song to "the Song of the Year" song contest and became finalist! They said the song was great, the melody was great, everything was great... exept of the lyrics. That was my weak point and that's why I'm here.I need a lyrisist who is ready to take a chance on my "sad song and make it better"! I need somebody to correct\complit or rewrite lyrics of an existing song. It's recorded and I'm ready to give link to the cloud to whom it may be interesting.
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in person, email, cloud storage
Classical, Pop, Rock
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guitar, piano, vocals
Sounds like:
The Beatles and music of 70th in whole
Paul Mccartney\John Lennon, George Martin, Mary Hopkin
Songwriting is my:
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Song of the Year November 2005 finalist, top 5
Personal Songwriting Goals:
To get heard
Collaboration Goals:
publishing deal, niche/independent artist release, just for fun
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Vladimir Tikhonenkov commented on a lyrics
Hi Angie, I just wanted to say, I really like these lyrics!
I have had some idea about it, but afterwords,I have found your songs on the SoundCloud! It's really strange and funny to compare and to see the difference in the way of imagination of diffrent people!

Verse 1: Hats and scarves and coats in cars Find another late night bar Where strangers dance around each other Will you be my only lover Or are you looking for another One night stand   Pre-chorus: Dancing talking mind is walking Into future lights with y
181 days ago
Give me a try , you'll never look back send me a request for a certain song (lyrics) or send me some music and tell me what you want the song to say .
510 days ago
vlti commented on a sound
I'm impressed!
Don't Want to Let Go of You
Music, Lyrics & Melody: Daniel Lee Williams / © 2015 Daniel Lee Williams. All Rights Reserved
1115 days ago
vlti commented on a sound
Hi Ashley, I wonder who is singing, is it you? Anyway, it sounds great!
Oh My Love
This is an example of a song I toplined
1116 days ago
vlti commented on a sound
I like it!
Shadow In the Night
I wrote with some of the great musicians on
1116 days ago
vlti commented on a sound
Nice song, I like it!
McCartney-type ballad
I wrote this song to sound like a ballad McCartney might have written. Features male and female vocals.
1116 days ago
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