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I am a huge music fan. I plan to major in music when I go to college. I am trying to write as many songs as I can to gain experien…
I am seeking individual(s) with whom to write both lyrics and music compositions, whether separately or as entire songs from the g…
Singer/songwriter (with daytime office job) has written and recorded concept album/musical set in early 1980's Boston. Ki…
I'm a lyricist who's written in a variety of genres over the course of fifty years. I'm writing more now than I ever have before. …
Hi, I have just had a book of Poems & Lyrics published and would like to collaborate with a musician. The majority of my meaningfu…
I'm an intermediate pop producer/mixer and I like to experiment with different genres and sounds for a more unique feel. I don't…
Classically trained from Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam. Freelance now due to my desire to make writing music a passion and…
Musician, producer, audio engineer, singer-songwriter looking for topliner to collaborate with for 50/50 split. Currently in Brook…
I am retired and wrote some lyrics, more as a half serious attempt to do something valuable.
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