My main career is in web development and eCommerce. From time to time I come across an interesting idea for a lyric, and develop it. I have written professionally in several formats throughout my career, including short stories and novels, and have a strong facility for phrase construction and the interaction of words. I would be quite happy, given a collaboration that produces strong music and demos, to pursue songwriting as a primary career.
General Info
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United States
Songwriting Info
I am a:
Looking for a:
Preferred collaboration style:
in person, video chat, email, cloud storage
Blues, Country, Pop
I'm strongest at:
lyrics, topline writing/hooks
Instruments I write with:
no instrument
Songwriting is my:
hobby, planned career
Songwriting Achievements:
Over the years, I've written a few dozen lyrics. When I come up with an idea, I generally complete the lyric quickly, and at times I've gotten on a roll and written several in a short space of time.

I recently challenged myself and wrote four Christmas lyrics. (a religious lyric, a fun lyric, a romantic lyric, and a sad but uplifting lyric).

Many of my lyrics would be suitable for pop or country, but are probably best suited to country.

When I complete a lyric, I do generally have a tune in mind for it, but wish to collaborate with someone strong in that area, who could either develop my simple tune into something compelling, or replace it with a much stronger composition.
Collaboration Goals:
publishing deal, mainstream artist release, niche/independent artist release, just for fun