Hello I a, a Metis song and lyric writer with three books published
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Nanaimo South
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Christian/Gospel, Country, Pop, Rock
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Rock Star Dreams

Drowning your sorrows in a smoke filled bar
When your only dream is to be a rock star
As your guitar cries it's last few chords
Wish you had been blessed by the Lord
You walk the long and lonely road home
Sipping whisky while again all alone
Feeling that life has totally forsaken you
You long for a love that's tender and true
You play guitar till your fingers bleed
Just one hit song is all that you need
Rock star dreams you pray will come true
Almost see the road to fame lying in front of you
You had your aching heart so set on fame
But became just a pawn in the endless game
You lost the innocent years of your youth
And now you must face the undying truth
Dreamed of being on The Rolling Stone cover
Jet setting the world with your fantasy lover
You dream of mansions and rock and roll guitars
Wonder do you have what it takes to be a star
Now a rundown apartment is all you can afford
As you pray for forgiveness of our dear Lord
Unto your rock star dreams you've become a slave
Your dreams will never die till you're in the grave

By Gary Edward Allen 2020
Sacred Angel

From an angel's lips to your heart
From our love may we never part
Don't want to walk this world alone
Your love gives my heart a home
Can see the passion in your blue eyes
You deliver my spirit to sunny skies
You comfort my soul with your touch
Just to love you means so very much
You have a heart as big as the sea
Your love sets my spirit forever free
You are my sacred angel of the light
You are in my dreams upon every night
You bring me back to the days of youth
Love is a fire and you it's only truth
Your love brings me to the golden shore
And I will love you always forever more

By Gary Edward Allen 2020
Say You Will

Jesus please say you will carry me
Deliver me across the stormy sea
Jesus will you al aways love me
Break my earthly chains set me free
Jesus please say that you always will
Comfort me whenever I'm feeling ill
And be the air the very that breath
Be the only strength that I truly need
Be the blood that courses in my veins
Jesus in my life you'll always remain
Jesus guide me as long as I shall live
For you have endless love to give
As sure as the stars shine above
Say that you will always give me love
Be the light amonst my dark skies
Don't let a day of your tenderness go by
Take my heart up to where angels fly
Say you will never have to say goodbye

By Gary Edward Allen 2020

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