With well over 1,000 songs and beats in Marlon's vault, he is in constant search to find the perfect match with talented artists and specialty brands. Original works can also be developed for an artist or brand by request to further develop authentic styles and brands. With a focus on capturing the essence of an artist or band, Marlon's focus is to bring out their authenticity to develop a timeless, but relevant sound. Equipped with an array of one-of-a-kind vintage gear and the latest in studio technologies, he is able to produce characteristic sounds and textures.
General Info
First Name:
Last Name:
Songwriting Info
I am a:
Songwriter, Topline Writer
Looking for a:
Lyricist, Topline Writer, Beat Producer
Preferred collaboration style:
in person, video chat, email, cloud storage
Dance, Electronic, Indie, Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
I'm strongest at:
topline writing/hooks, melodies, chord progressions
Instruments I write with:
guitar, piano, vocals, bass, other
Sounds like:
David Guetta, Justin Timberlake, Mura Masa, Alok, SIA
Justin Timberlake, Major Lazer, Thom Yorke, James Blake, Björk, Muse
Songwriting is my:
current full-time career
Songwriting Achievements:
POP/Top40 Ghostwriter for both the music and motion picture industries for many years, Marlon Mehr has made a "no name" for himself. This is going to change... Currently working with a hit production team in Amsterdam for new artists such as electronic pop act SAINT KLEIN making their debut later this year.
Personal Songwriting Goals:
Writing for signed artists
Collaboration Goals:
publishing deal, sync placement (film, TV, video games), mainstream artist release, niche/independent artist release