Long-time creator and collector of melodies, musical phrases and lyrics which are now beginning to turn into songs. Lots of musical ideas and partially completed songs - interested in working with other writers with greater piano/guitar/vocal abilities to collaborate. Original drummer for 90s Cleveland-based original alternative rock band Nothing Like Vaudeville. Studied music composition and songwriting in college. Graduate of The Recording Workshop Audio Engineering program. Spent the last 25 years covering up the only dream I have ever really had since the age of three - writing a really great song. Now working to correct that. Founder and writer of greatsongsneverdie.com music blog featuring 'The List', a continual showcase of songs and songwriters past, present and maybe even future.
General Info
First Name:
Last Name:
United States
Songwriting Info
I am a:
Songwriter, Lyricist, Topline Writer
Looking for a:
Songwriter, Lyricist, Topline Writer
Preferred collaboration style:
email, cloud storage
Alternative, Country, Indie, Pop, Rock
I'm strongest at:
lyrics, topline writing/hooks, melodies
Instruments I write with:
guitar, piano, drums
Sounds like:
So far . . . The Cure
Paul Westerberg, Michael Hutchence/INXS, Imelda May, Pete Yorn, U2, Goo Goo Dolls, every great song ever written (as I refer to in my blog)
Songwriting is my:
hobby, planned career
Songwriting Achievements:
None, yet
Personal Songwriting Goals:
1) Finish a complete song to my personal satisfaction, 2) Have song(s) recorded by an independent or mainstream artist 3) Radio airplay for song(s) I wrote or co-wrote 4) Working with and being part of the songwriter community and helping promote the craf
Collaboration Goals:
publishing deal, sync placement (film, TV, video games), mainstream artist release, niche/independent artist release