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"All Me" [Verse 1]I've gotten so used to being on my ownBut now I've found you and I'm no longer alone But I gotta be honestI don't know if I like thisYeah I gotta be honest I don't know if I want this [Hook]It's not you, it's not youIt's cliche but it's t
Kozo Pinkwillow · 5 days ago

Beauty all aroundEverywhere you lookAll of your lifeIs an open book Outside your doorThere’s a world at your feetAll yours to exploreWhen you break free Heaven awaitsWhen you open your eyesThe cool light of dayWill come and break the ice Every step you tak
Ian Clark · 5 days ago

I’ve got a new wave of inspirationRunning through my veinsI've been around too many blocks But I’m reborn again My new resourcesHas been finely tunedI’ve been to hell and backThen back up to the moon So many downs travelledThe highs always beat the lowsDre
Ian Clark · 5 days ago

Moving in circlesIn your own timePlanning your routeJust to get by Holding on tightlyTo the dayTrying not to let a momentSlip away Drown out the noiseOf a busy worldClose yourself offBehind the door Watch the clockSlowly run downTurn the lockTo keep out th
Ian Clark · 5 days ago

My heart is calling out to you A plea from my lost memories Thoughts are snatched and moments disappear But I‘ve found that you are always near   My heart is calling out to you Asking if you still remember Would you be a dear and think of me Every once in
Dorothy Sted · 6 days ago

Late Bloomer (Copyright, Eric Larson, 2019)   Ruby never touched a paintbrush ‘til she was 65 Had her kids real young and never found the time But when the kids were grown And had families of their own She noticed that her life was black and white Hank nev
Eric Larson · 6 days ago

Smiling through the day Masks a fear so deep She works to escape The secret she keeps Knowing what awaits When she gets home The truth comes back to haunt It won't leave her alone Stepping through the back door Avoice calls out her name Cold hands on her h
Ian Clark · 8 days ago

You've caused the wiring in my head To be well and truly crossed The programme I've been running Has been well and truly lost Tongue tied and twisted Pulled back and resisted My need to turn you down You came along with your plastic smile And threw away th
Ian Clark · 8 days ago

 Every time you pass me by You leave my mouth open wide My heart breathes a heavy sigh All you want to do is hide You don't have to turn away I dream about you every day You are locked up in my headWith these words that I want said I long to pay you back W
Ian Clark · 8 days ago

Roll me into somewhere I've not been before Mould me into something that you can't ignore Fold me into someone like no one before I don't want to be someone nobody knows When all is still in the dead of night I know that everything is going to be alright A
Ian Clark · 9 days ago
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