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phanson422 commented on a sound
Good song - infectious!
She Loves Me v2 Final
We enjoy promoting positive songs. Songs with a story and a good message.
78 days ago
phanson422 commented on a sound
Good Work!
Best Day In My Life
I co-wrote this song with a Swedish composer named Jorgen Bolmstad. It is also published with a Nashville Publisher and it was on hold with Keith Urban.
84 days ago
phanson422 commented on a sound
I like it - it's something else!
Something else
I had a strong melody for the verse/chorus/bridge, but could only manage lyrics for the chorus. Luckily for me Jess Godwin was around to turn my half idea into a complete song!
89 days ago
Paul Hanson added new lyrics

Lay down in the grass fall asleep in the shade Right along the river bank where the butterflies play Cows in the pasture lying in the sun Took my cane pole down where the clean water runs Willow tree by the river branches touching down Jump in for a swim b
90 days ago
90 days ago
90 days ago
90 days ago
90 days ago
phanson422 commented on a sound
Nice Work!
01 Back In The Race
This song is about making a comeback. I think it would be a great song for the appropriate movie soundtrack.
91 days ago
101 days ago