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Hi Don,

My name is Robert. I am a lyricist and need someone who can write melodies to my lyrics. I'm looking for someone who can put a lot of feeling in their songwritin. If you are interested, let me know and I can send you some of my lyrics..
1835 days ago

I just got a publicist who's waiting on the next big Gospel song - Rodney Griffin! He came to my town (Feb 19, 2017) and hopes to hear from me soon with a good fit for his group. He's a self publisher and #1 Songwriter for over 14 Yrs... Want to collab?
2002 days ago
Dear Don, I am an ASCAP lyricist and I would like to collaborate on a song or two. My email address is bluesawdust@hotmail.com

Best to ya,
Mike Daniels
2162 days ago