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Christopher Castle now collaborates with Nadia Canadas Gimenez
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cicpisces commented on a sound
Yes I've written some lyrics.
This songs needs lyrics ! anyone interested ?
913 days ago
Hope you’re doing good,
I am sending you this message to deal over a business work we can do together.
I am a Manager of a very successful upcoming musical superstars from Middle East and I am actually searching for a very professional lyricist/Topliner to write over a Record that is going to make noise on the radios and everywhere. Hard work is a mindset and smart work is a mindset too so to be straightforward, I am a big fan of References when it comes to art and creativity, this is a short Clip of the ‘Instrumental’ version of the song :
https://soundcloud.com/faycesmusic/ fayces-instrumental/s-QDNuw

And this is how we want it to vibe like : https://soundcloud.com/faycesmusic/ fayces-reference/s-266nN

- [ ] Before anything you would like to know (Fees, Royalties,Profile...etc), I wanna see how far you can get the vibe I am asking for...A commercial, Social, Radio,Friends, Party Vibe is what I am asking for. I know that you understand what I am talking about because I took a listen over your work or else I would not have contacted you.
- [ ] Extra References : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rCnU- IDcnnI
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yMudq DltpT8

Goodluck :)
917 days ago
Christopher Castle  
Looking to collab
917 days ago
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1084 days ago
Christopher Castle added new lyrics

Unless you're lookingThen you won't findRepetitions Are from your mind Hard then to stay dryWhen roofs have holesWithout petrol Car wheels won't roll Without foundations The house will fallspanner won't turnWasher's too small Pre-chorusRound in circlesRepe
1108 days ago