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7 days ago
Hello Brad. I lyricize from time-to-time, but I'm more interested in vocal collabs with your works as a composer. Thank you.
7 days ago
Hi Brad.

Ive got this cool love song about a beautiful woman. Its called When I wake. Core of song is below.

Ma vision of you is all it could be
Beautiful woman laying next to me
You close your eyes you dream your dream
You're the most beautiful woman Ahve ever seen

Now Ah want you to know the way Ah feel
The way Ah love is surreal
Just one look at you filled me with desire
You've opened ma heart .. Set it on fire
832 days ago
contact me I''m a great lyricist
1118 days ago
1121 days ago
1121 days ago
belliott commented on a sound
Like it. Good job.
Don't Be Surprised
In a lyric writing class I took at Berklee College of Music, the only rule for our final project was to search a random sheet of newspaper for a word or phrase that stood out to us as a potential hook, and then write a song inspired by it. The phrase that stood out to me was "don't be surprised," and this is the song that was born out of it. Thank you to my lyric writing professor, Susan Cattaneo, for showing me that inspiration comes in many forms. Thank you to Rahsaan Lacey for making the bass on this track 10 times more awesome than what we originally had. Thank you to Phillip Peloubet for taking this song in the direction it was begging to go in while still staying true to its core elements. And thank YOU for taking the time to listen! Hope you enjoy.
1294 days ago
Brad Elliott now collaborates with David Hill
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Brad Elliott now collaborates with Toni McMurray
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