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Hi Andrew.

What about this for a short filler for your album. Its called Cold.

You are cold. Like ice on a winters day. Or some long lost memory. Your love has gone astray. Where is your heart. What have done. Ah gave you all ma love. Ah gave you everything. Even told you bout all the little things. But you just laughed. HA. You laughed into ma face. So Ah pulled out a gun and shot you down. Was the best thing Ahve ever done. Now you won't be growing old .... You are so cold.
1750 days ago
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Andrew Howard added new lyrics

Don't waste your time, don't look awayJust let me feel your lips upon my face...Please hold me down, I'll float awayCause when I'm with you, Doll, I get so lost in spaceAnd when I fall from space, those deep blue eyesThey got me lost at seaThey got me hypn
1948 days ago