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Just wanted to weigh in and say I'm an admirer of your lyrics - hope you keep writing and chase those muses.
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It's brilliant!
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Envy that cigarette you're playin on your finger tips. Envy that cigarette butt you're biting with your lips. I know all your vain attempts, you tried quit it. Got stressed, Got drunk and lit it. Love is all I hoped. But your hopelessly doped. Rising
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Amen Salve  
Now my watch has ended! Feeling sad for drogon!! :( Danny
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Girl with the helix hair.

Cold crept in , as she walked in
Sun tanned skin
and a rude chin.
Glossing up the ice cubes with her lips
Conceling her pride with crossed hips.
The western vixen
Fixen all eyes on hers
Looking smokin' hot in that dress.
Without it she could better impress.
No it wasn't her tiny skirt nor the backless shirt.
The magic lay in her helix hair.
Walked in the bar for an affair
Tangled into each other like thousands of snakes outta her head.
Slithered smoothly down her sleek neck.
A curious mind, you could tell.
Her twisted thoughts...set her hair spun spiral. .
Perfume from her aura went viral
How long was her hair?
Long enough to choke your throat seems only fair.
Darker than her winged eyed masscara.
Denser than black widow sipder's web.
Callin in for a kiss by death
Warmth of a pheonix flare that linger.
Kept curling her helix hair across her finger.
She is playing with my feelings.
The music stoppeed... she disappeared.
No math no equations could ever solve the mystery of this gal at the bar...
The girl with the helix hair.
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