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Ukelele Moon
Brand new song. Written with Dick Vestdijk who I met through Songwriters In The Kitchen. Ukulele Moon Verse 1: I was needin' comfort in a world so mean had to find a place where I could be me Verse 2: Sailed the dirty ocean far from any shore must have sailed that ocean for a year or more Chorus Beneath this ukulele moon listenin' to a slack tuned guitar we found the place to be everything we are You're all here with me we won't be leaving soon life is so complete beneath this ukulele moon Verse 3: Then a coconut bobbin' on the tide led me to the place where I now reside Verse 4: It might have been a dream I'm not really sure the only thing I know is it helps me to endure. Repeat chorus:
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  •  Asemebo Ipalibo: 
    Omg!!!! This is awesome. I'd looooooovvve to worÄ· with you. I need some of this goodness
     666 days ago 
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03.19.2017 (882 days ago)
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Ukelele Moon