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Weeping Lovegrass
Lyrics by Keith Gilman (USA); Music by Hywel Jones (UK); Vocals by Greg Van Kerkhof (South Africa). Verse 1: I've known but one oasis / but, oh, I let you pass / and so through sandy spaces / I pace my hourglass. Verse 2: I've tried to find another / but lightning never strikes / turns out I've learned that lovers / like you just don't come twice. Pre-Chorus: Through the distance my existence is a constant prayer for rain / Yet I don't hear the wildebeest complain. Chorus: The sun is high, my throat is dry out on the dusty plain, where the endless weeping lovegrass keeps me out of Bloemfontein. Verse 3: Relentless dehydration / a quest to mend the past / a circular migration / emotional crevasse. Verse 4: The break of every evening / just ends up being the same / with syncopated breathing / each time I call your name Pre-Chorus; Chorus; Instrumental bridge; Pre-Chorus; Chorus; Outro: And since you're fine without me / somewhere in Bloemfontein / I'll be on the savanna / where the weeping lovegrass reigns.
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04.30.2022 (521 days ago)
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Weeping Lovegrass