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Silent Whispers
I can't sing worth a darn. In my tracks, I usually use a B3 organ patch for the vocal melody line. But that gets pretty boring, so I (very) reluctantly did the vocals on this one. I experiment a lot with different genres. This is kind an 80’s sound. Reminds me of Roxy Music. Needs to have the lyrics extended and definitely needs proper vocals. This one requires a male vocalist for the verses and the chorus and the female for the pre-chorus.
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  •  Eric Milligan: 
    Lyrics are:

    Verse 1
    In the twilight of a sultry day
    Ocean breezes ebb and flow
    Colours deepen as they fade to grey
    And swirling currents start to glow

    Verse 2
    Silent whispers of my secret love
    Drift upon a misty sea
    I hear her calling from the heights above
    I hear her calling out to me

    When will you come to me?
    When will you set me free?
    And keep the promise that you made.

    When will you break the ties?
    When will you stop the lies?
    And finally end this masquerade

    Deep inside my thoughts I wander
    Down the pathways of my mind
    Searching, searching for the answer
    I will seek, but never find.
     1638 days ago 
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  •  Ronnie Kahn: 
    Very nice & sensual. Couldn't tell if you were singing words or making sounds...
     1645 days ago 
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