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Sick Of Solitude
In writing my song this week, I'm using the part of the word "solstice" that means standing still. When we're sick, we tend to sit or stand still and not do much of anything until we feel better. The theme is actually quite appropriate for this week, as the band Greshka played a "winter solstice" gig on the 22nd of June. I was unable to attend the gig due to illness, and this was such unfortunate timing for me. Perhaps the busy year I've had so far is finally catching up to me. I decided to write my song about the perils of being sick, and I will admit that it has been a while since I've felt this way. The lyrics in the verses are in AABAAB form, while the choruses used my more "traditional" style of writing. I wrote the lyrics when I was sick, and recorded the song while I was still recovering from the illness. My voice may sound a little raspy in places, as a result.
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06.24.2023 (101 days ago)
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