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SOUTHERN LOVE I’ve been around the world to find the woman of my dreams I’ve been to five continents and sailed the seven seas But no matter where I’ve been, I couldn’t find the one… The only, the holly, the ever lasting love… I used to know this wise old man, back home in Tennessee I went to him, he looked at me… and said boy I can see… Whatever you’ve been lookin’for, it’s always been here son, The only, the holly, it’s all a Master Plan… CHORUS Southern love’s gonna find you Southern love’s been trackin’ down your trail Southern love is all around you, She’ll find you, she’ll bind you, she’ll wind up in your veins Southern Love… And as I drove back home that night, just thinkin’ bout his words I saw her standing in the rain, flaggin’ me with her hands “I need a ride” she said, “My car broke down and it’s as bad as it seems” She jumped in, beside me, the woman of my dreams… CHORUS Southern love, she’s finally found me, Southern love’s been trackin’ down my trail Southern love is all around me, She’s found me, she’s bound me, she’s runnin’ in my veins Southern love…
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    nice piece there.
     2422 days ago 
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  •  jamie wilson: 
    Costas..a real commercial sound..contemporary country sound..The US market is pretty hard to crack without a song plugger..try the Irish country music scene..Artists/Publishers..would snap it up..give it a of luck..Jamie.
     2546 days ago 
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09.22.2016 (2566 days ago)
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