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Return of the Dead King
No lyrics required for this. But, it is a change of pace. Cinematic. I was trying to do an Enya kind of track and it ended up like this. I never know where the music will take me. :) Is meant to be cinematic. This is a kind of Lord of the Rings scene. The battle is over. The king was killed, but his army was victorious. Heartbroken, unable to take joy in their victory, they sail back with his body to the Kingdom. Your perspective is that of a citizen standing on the banks of the water as the King's cortege slowly goes by. The king lies in state, draped with a red and gold robe, on a wooden platform on a barge rowed by his victorious, but exhausted warriors. The first thing you hear is the approaching sound of the rowing. Then the funeral theme comes in. Then, as the funeral barge passes you, the rowing sound is what you hear, slowly fading away as the barge continues on its way.
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  •  Johanna Reyna: 
    I have the Perfect lyrics for this soundtrack its incomplete but i think its alright but I be will post it up in a few, so subscribe to me for the notification :)
     436 days ago 
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  •  Eric Milligan: 
    You are absolutely right, Ronnie. Wasn't meant for lyrics. But I thought I would post it anyway to demonstrate what I can do in this genre, if anybody was interested.
     451 days ago 
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  •  Ronnie Kahn: 
    Beautiful background music for a movie. Bot I don't hear any melodic hooks to inspire any lyrics
     458 days ago 
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03.29.2019 (463 days ago)
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Return of the Dead King