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Plan It
For this week's theme, I thought about Venus being a planet so the TV show "3rd Rock From The Sun" came to mind but it would be "2nd Rock From The Sun" instead. I also pondered whether or not to write my song about tennis, being that Venus Williams has had a lot of success in that sport. I finally settled on the planet idea, but I ended up writing about planning things. Having a plan as you go about a series of tasks is the best way to progress through what you intend to do. A former Store Manager at my workplace came up with the phrase "Plan the work, work the plan," and that advice has stuck with me and applied to my music in particular. I even make mention of him in the chorus of my song! Additionally, I included a quote by Benjamin Franklin which could very well be a proverb I reckon. It goes "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail," and I believe that it fits into the song perfectly!
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  •  Tommie Bell: 
    I wish we could do a collaboration I’m a lyricist
     137 days ago 
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  •  Tommie Bell: 
    Very unique bravo on your selective choice of words for this lyric .
     137 days ago 
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04.22.2023 (157 days ago)
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