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Not Ready to Go
Worked on this song with SongwriterLink member Aaron Staniulis!
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  •  Ronnie Kahn: 
    This groove reminds me a little of Nancy Sinatr's classic "These Boots Are made For Walkin" if that's not a little before your time... Anywho I'm seeking a soulful feminine singer to sing a poem by Marilyn Monroe for which I was inspired to compose music jik33p4c
     2 days ago 
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  •  Janis Lloyd: 
    P.S. Sometimes the audio on this website takes 3 or 4 times to kick in and sometimes shuts off and u have to start over--is this just me or does it happen to anyone else. My 1st time listening here.Like what u do Lisa u have a very versatile style would like to work with you..I just joined today but looking for someone to collaborate with in general and for the Collaboration month starting Feb 1st-Let me know Lisa....
     845 days ago 
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  •  Janis Lloyd: 
    Loved this song the best.Great guitar riffs and blues Bonnie Raitt feel. Liked it from the 1st strong drums, guitar, solid bass and rock brought u right in
     845 days ago 
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05.21.2016 (1098 days ago)
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