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No Second Chance
Song a fellow writer Gary and I wrote.
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  •  J Louisa Benitez: 
    Does the audio not work on these?
     1081 days ago 
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  •  Janis Lloyd: 
    Hi Brad my 2nd song listen of yours,very cool, like the retro country sound reminds me of Dwight Yokam,it has a sweet country guitar groove and I like the way you arranged the clever vocals to roll off so fast. Maybe we could do something together I'd be interested if u are...Let me know.The Lord nudged me a few weeks ago to write one of the best Country/gospel songs I think I've ever written Called "Wear Sandles That Are Simple and Kind"Looking for someone to do music and vocals...
     1489 days ago 
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  •  Derek Houghton: 
    Hey Brad! Great sound! It would be fun to collaborate with you.I write lyrics only.Was a finalist in 2015 International Song writers contest.....but I'm really new at this.....trained musically but stick to lyrics..stories with strong narrative...let me know!
     1710 days ago 
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02.13.2014 (2570 days ago)
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No Second Chance