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New album work in progress
Looking for powerful singers and lyricists to work with on my orchestral-electronic album. Here's just a short whizz through a few of the tracks so you can get an idea of the kind of sound. Get in touch if you're interested!
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  •  Janis Lloyd: 
    What kind of idea or theme do u have for the last sound bit that has some what of a classical sound? I rather liked it....could I hear the entire song? Let me know-I worked with a Russian exchange student named Alex a few years back.We collaborated on 3 songs one of which I wrote for Special Children. Alex was a brillant student as is now VP of the Royal Canadian Bank in NEW York City He was 19 at the time now about 34. I believe he does a lot with the Artistic Culture in New York...
     724 days ago 
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  •  Jim Dutton: 
    Are you looking for any particular themes in the lyric content? Mood? Hooks you want to expand?
     799 days ago 
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  •  Jon Altham: 
    I'd love to be involved!
     806 days ago 
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10.18.2016 (827 days ago)
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New album work in progress