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Life On The Spectrum
As it turns out, my song submission for the previous theme would have been perfect for this week! I started thinking about Autistic Spectrum Disorder, and how unique the people are who have this condition. This has been portrayed in many movies and TV shows, with "Rain Man" in particular coming to mind. People with ASD often have one specific area of interest, while basically pushing away everything else. They are often really intelligent, but they struggle when it comes to their communication skills. Maybe every once in a while, we should all consider how the world looks through their eyes. I found it a bit difficult to adhere to my letter theme this week, so in the end I decided to try and make the song sound upbeat. On listening back, it may not sound very cheery but I felt relieved that I can finally talk about this stuff. I also chose to have vocals sing in unison during the choruses, with a splash of harmony here and there. To further contribute to the unison effect, I used artificial double tracking (much like The Beatles did back in the 60s) on the first two choruses.
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02.19.2022 (580 days ago)
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Life On The Spectrum