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Krump It
As much as I love hot buttered crumpets, I have no idea where to start when it comes to making them! Over the weekend I stared thinking about the dance style called krumping (which I admittedly don't know a great deal about either!), and that's what I decided to base my song around. I started describing how to reach that stage in the form of a recipe, but I guess that format sort of changed throughout the song. I also wanted to strip the song back to just piano and vocals this week, as it can be difficult to find a suitable drums-and-instruments backing within the allotted time limit. The music here is definitely NOT what one would actually krump to, as that particular dance style uses more highly-energetic and upbeat tunes. I also can't help but think that a lot of my song submissions may follow similar chord progressions to each other, even though I do try my best to change it up and get some variety in there. Brace yourselves for some more shoddy singing folks!
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10.09.2021 (724 days ago)
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