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I Bit My Tongue
I had a number of ideas when it came to pondering this week's theme. The actor George Segal was in the film adaptation of a play called "Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?", and he was also in the 1990's sitcom "Just Shoot Me." Thoughts of photography ran though my head as I considered writing a song about another one of my friends. Then I wondered if the song should be about a wolf, or perhaps a wolf in sheep's clothing. Come to think of it, this is an idea good enough to be shelved for another time! In the end though, I decided to write my song about the feeling of literally biting my tongue. I did this at work on my lunch break recently, and I'm still feeling the repercussions! I have done this a fair few times in the past, and it always hurts for an extended period of time due to the tongue being a muscle. I still can't decide which is worse, biting your tongue or burning it on hot food! I guess it all depends on how severely you bite or burn it, as one time my tongue actually turned purple after having bitten down on it supposedly thinking it was part of my burger! Not only have I started with the chorus in this song, but I have deliberately made it much more wordy than the verses while using a different rhyming scheme as well.
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02.11.2023 (226 days ago)
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