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When You're Rolling Back Down
Hi! This song is a collaboration with a friend who is a guitar player / singer. I wrote the lyrics, arrangement, co-wrote the melody and sang backing vocals.
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  •  John Gjerdrum : 
    Shame this is the only one of your recordings posted on your profile I can listen to. Would really like to hear the other recordings of yours via this website.
     629 days ago 
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  •  Ronnie Kahn: 
    Reminiscent of Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" Not bad--pretty cool! I played it over & over 4 or 5 times! May need a more descriptive & memorable title perhaps "When i Think About It" or "i Can Live Without It" or "Unlike A Rolling Stone" or "A Bittersweet Pill" Dylan once said that in a good song, every line could be the title. Which makes this one a good song! Because every line could be a title: I think "Think About It" is probably a better title than "Hey Hey" Well think about it... & let me know what you think.... I'm Ronnie Kahm:
     1605 days ago 
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12.27.2018 (1734 days ago)
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When You're Rolling Back Down