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Recently a friend of mine from high school passed away. I found this to be particularly upsetting, because we were rather close. He loved talking about rugby league with me, and especially our favourite team the Brisbane Broncos. This happened a few months after a music friend named Mitch Hagger released a single called "Spaces", which talks about his late father who died of lung cancer a few years ago. This brought back memories of me losing my own father to suicide when I was only five years old. That night brought Mitch and I closer together, and I saw him at another gig recently while I was grieving the loss of my high school friend. He was there for me on that occasion, just like I was there for him back at the launch of his single. This was not an easy song for me to write for obvious reasons, as I was coming to terms with my own form of grief. We all deal with it how we feel is best for our own individual needs, and there is no right or wrong way about it at all. I tied this into the theme with the thought that you cannot sidestep grief, as we all need to face it head-on at some point in our lives.
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07.12.2022 (447 days ago)
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