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Fun Guy
These themes every week are ripe for the picking when it comes to twists! I tried to do this here, and I thought of how Americans pronounce fungi. I think they normally pronounce it "fung-guy", so that naturally became "fun guy." I then decided that the verses would be in the form of limericks, with the choruses adopting a more conventional style. I struggled so much to reach this point though, changing my mind various times and the lyrics were just not coming to me! This is a common occurrence not just for me, but for songwriters and other creators from all walks of life! At least I know that I'm in good company here. I'm just glad that I managed to bust this one out, but man it was tough this week! For the "letter" theme, I settled on the Foxtrot genre while adding the Full Grand Piano sound from my Roland FA-06 music workstation keyboard. I also chose to only use four chords in this song, and I even threw in some old-fashioned Aussie slang in the third verse!
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02.05.2022 (597 days ago)
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