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Fish In The Sea
For this week's theme, I started thinking about the phrase "plenty of fish in the sea." This of course refers to the dating game, and there actually is a dating website called "Plenty Of Fish." I used to frequent these sites with very little to no luck in finding a partner, but I did get to know some very interesting people. I also thought of as many fish puns as I could, and used them in the song as well. Additionally I think I may have utilised a fishing metaphor or two, but metaphors have never been my strong point to be honest. As for the letter theme, I once again went back to my good old Full Grand Piano sound. It does work quite well for a song like this, to be fair. I was considering adding some other instrumentation, but decided against it in the end. I find that lately I've been experimenting with each line of the lyrics not starting on the first beat (or downbeat) of each measure. This helps to add more variety to the song, while still being able to limit the syllable count in each line.
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02.26.2022 (573 days ago)
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