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Don't Keep Your Love Away Parts 1 & 2
These are the first two parts of what I guess is a suite. I've put in a little bit of Part 3 at the end. That's where the vocals come in. I have partially finished lyrics. Needs a Human League style singer. The vocals in Parts 1 and 2 were posted as acapellas to Looperman by Jaques Demers, from Montreal. He has composed for Cirque du Soleil. Vocals sounded "Beatle-ish" to me so I used a mellotron VST liberally in the track. Part 1 is the blooming stage of a relationship. Part 2 is about the relationship in decline. Part 3, with vocals, would be about ending it.
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  •  Eric Milligan: 
    Trying to locate them on my hard disk. I've got the DAW file and audio bounces, but can't find the lyrics! Will keep digging. :(

     1631 days ago 
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  •  Ronnie Kahn: 
    Very nice & classy, reminiscent of McCartney. Feel free to send me your partially finished lyrics, and maybe I can help finish them...
     1638 days ago 
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03.28.2019 (1643 days ago)
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Don't Keep Your Love Away Parts 1 & 2