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Der große Käse (aka The Big Cheese)
This song is about a musician I first saw perform before a sporting event one night. Her sheer talent blew me away, and I wanted to let her know that (or words to that extent anyway). I was too shy to say hi on the night though, so I waited until she announced who she was then I immediately looked her up on social media! It was there that I left my words of encouragement and support, and she actually responded to me! We briefly chatted online for the next few months, as I told her that I'm a musician as well. I wouldn't see her again in person until early the following year, and this is where the song's story begins. Her name is Amelia Käse, with her surname being the German word for cheese. I have tried to invent some words in the lyrics, which ties into the theme quite nicely. I wanted to use as many plays on Amelia's name as I could, and I think I've succeeded here. I decided to have the song's title in both German and English, to acknowledge her heritage. I actually studied German at high school, but I've hardly used the language since then so I am obviously far from fluent! The melody for the chorus was taken from a previous song I wrote in the Club called "40 First Drafts", because I feel that it works much better here.
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04.02.2022 (542 days ago)
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Der große Käse (aka The Big Cheese)