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Dem Bipolar Blues
***UPDATED*** This is a tune about a very serious behavioral health issue, with a comedic twist, and an odd solo. Dem Bipolar Blues… - Just Frank- My life, it’s a funny story Filled with things, we all go through Ain’t lookin’ for no pity But peoples this handicap – it’s true Chance are, the way you see things Ain’t the same for me You see it your way But I probly sees it three Cuz I’m Bipolar Pop dem’ pills I hates ta’ do You betta’ off in yo’ world, pretty baby In mines one-n-one, it rarely make two So, I went to see that doctor Mister psych, M.D. He try to console, try to pacify me He say “hey Leo” “Don’t be so hard on yourself” “I’m tell ya little secret” “we all fucked up somehow” But you Bipolar Pop deez’ pills Ya betta’ do You’ll like it better in my world, brotha Where one-n-one always make two So, Every day in the mornin’ Handful of pills, to feed my head By six o’clock in the evenin’ I Slump in that chair, just like I’m dead But it keep everybody happy You doin’ fine – they say They ain’t see the real me… Lest they all should run away Screamin’ you Bipolar Pop doz’ pills Please won’t ya’ do And I say… You betta’ off in yo’ world, little babies In mines one-n-one, it seldom make two Now, Adderall all day Abilify at night They tryin’ to stabilize and make me right Cuz I’m Bipolar Pop doz’ pills I got’s ta do You betta’ off in yo’ world, pretty baby In mines one-n-one, it never make two That’s alright, I got my skins – Drum Break!!! Peoples, I guess I’m better off now Never really sure tho Gotta trust those around me My barometer of psychs Make no mistake about it Through that lookin’ glass Thousand years ago - I woulda’ ruled yo’ ass As, I’m Bipolar Pop doz’ pills I’ll keep on do I tries to fit in to yo’ world, pretty baby Cuz in mines ya don’t have a clue…
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08.25.2014 (3322 days ago)
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Dem Bipolar Blues