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I actually went and sat on my couch, as per the songwriting brief this week. I felt uninspired though, so my thoughts immediately turned to Couch Choir. For the uninitiated, Couch Choir is basically the online version of Pub Choir. Both are the brainchild of Astrid Jorgensen, who is based in my hometown of Brisbane. Pub Choir started out as a group of strangers getting together in a pub to sing popular songs under the guidance of Astrid, and has now become a global phenomenon! The pandemic forced this concept to surface online as Couch Choir, which sees thousands of people from different countries submitting their vocal (and sometimes instrumental) parts to form one colossal video of each song. These are extremely popular, and have been featured on daytime television shows as a result. I have been collaborating online for years using various platforms, and it constantly blows my mind how people from around the world who've never met in person (and perhaps never will) can come together to produce something truly stupendous. This song is about the idea of collaboration in general, and I've decided to write it in the Calypso style. The first verse is about Bandhub, which sadly shut down in 2019 only to reopen briefly the following year at the start of the pandemic. It outlines the trials and tribulations that arose when trying to record on the site. Despite these issues, Bandhub was a great deal of fun where lifelong friendships were formed. I am still in contact with many of my collaborators to this day, which is really nice. The second verse is about the aforementioned Couch Choir.
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01.22.2022 (612 days ago)
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