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Close to You-DavidRogers
Verse 1 It's all routine now Pack and unpack, then pack again Cookie cutter Each hotel room like the other TV, bed, and four beige walls Don't disturb on the door Alone once more Verse 2 Can't complain Work's taken me around the globe I've seen it all Stonehenge to China's wall The colosseum, pyramids They're just piles of stone They sure ain't home Chorus I have sailed to the corners of the oceans Seen the seven wonders of the world They don't compare to the moments that we share I'm coming home to you girl Won't let the miles come between you and me I'm coming home to you girl The only place that I long to be Is close to you Verse 3 This blessed earth All it's glorious color Pastel sunsets, each one a painting I won't forget Coral reefs that defy the spectrum But their beauty can't compare I'm on my way I swear Chorus Bridge In your arms By your side Holding hands with my beautiful bride Not in a text Or on the phone Not checking in on Facebook in an airport all alone Chorus
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08.12.2014 (1717 days ago)
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Close to You-DavidRogers