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Chill Out
This is the start of my eighth term in I Heart Songwriting Club. Yes I'm back again, but for a totally different reason this time. I have been performing at open mic nights of late, and my setlists have comprised of songs that I have previously written in the Club. I'm hoping that I'll be able to do similar with the newer songs that I write here, as they will be fresher in the mind when it comes to taking them to the stage. Well that's my intention anyway, although it remains to be see how things will pan out. As for this week's submission, I decided to write about stress and the effect it can have on people and their mental health. I guess that I have been writing a lot of songs of this nature lately, but it is a very important topic that needs to be talked about and out in the open. Apologies for the somewhat dodgy audio quality, as I've made changes to my audio setup and I'm still ironing out the issues here.
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01.06.2023 (267 days ago)
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