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Break Your Fast
During this particular term in the Club, general feedback for my songs has been that some of them are very similar to each other. I have also been challenged to experiment and change things up a little. With that in mind I have tried to take said feedback on board with this week's song, starting with using fewer words and stretching them over my chosen melody. I started writing the lyrics first, but before I finished them I came up with the basic chords and melodic structure. This is a welcome change to how i do things, as I would always make sure the lyrics were complete before I moved on to anything else. "Breaking your fast" is how the word breakfast came into being, well that's how I understood it back in primary school anyway. As for the made-up word, I ended up using a real word but turned it into a person's name. During my most recent co-writing session, one of the other participants had a philodendron plant in the background of his video. I decided to transform that into Phil O. Dendron. The drum beat I used was originally going to be utilised in my co-written song, but that didn't work out so I brought it here instead.
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10.09.2021 (717 days ago)
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