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Belly Shirts In Winter (IHSC Version)
This song pays tribute to one of many great friends that I made while using the online music collaboration site called Bandhub. People from all walks of life from all around the world would come together to pay tribute to their favourite songs, by playing instruments or singing. The site was a massive success, but sadly shut down in early 2019 after a six-year run. Many users from that site are still in touch to this day, which is nothing short of wonderful! For this song, the idea for it came about after I made a comment (which would become the song's title) on a collaboration of a Meg Myers song (of all things!). A user by the name of Suzi Uzi saw this and replied "that sounds like my theme song". From there, the seeds were sown for this catchy number and it was a great deal of fun to remember all the great music and chats that we all had from behind our computer screens! Many a lifelong friendship was forged from within the comments sections of various Bandhub collaborations! As for recording this song, I initially played some chords on the piano in a seemingly random way. I liked the progression so much that I rushed to my computer to record it into FL Studio. Everything kind of fell into place from there, and results in what you're hearing right now. The song was originally not going to have Suzi's name in it, well not forwards anyway. Eventually I gave in to myself and said that it's her theme song, so there it is assigned to the backing vocals.
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08.12.2022 (414 days ago)
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Belly Shirts In Winter (IHSC Version)