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Alex Cook - Return
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  •  Raymond Fry: 
    Love this, it's very emotive.
    If you are looking for a lyricist to work with, you may like to check out some of the songs on my page where I have crafted lyrics to other co-writers melodies. I am both lyricist and singer and have a studio with an array of microphones. My voice is versatile and can best be described as sounding like a cross between Scott Walker, Gary Brooker, Elvis, Johnny Ray. I also work with other singers as you will hear when listening to songs on my page. I have good contacts with record labels where I have a number of songs released as singles, EPs and an album due for release in the States in October.
     513 days ago 
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  •  anita tee: 
    hi alex this track is really good would you be interested in a possible collaboration?
     672 days ago 
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  •  Scott Cook: 
    I'm in love with this... We should get in touch
     810 days ago 
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09.04.2016 (829 days ago)
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Alex Cook - Return