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74 Glass and Smoke-1.mp3
Glass and Smoke - Music and Vocals by Andrei Sorokin; Lyrics by: Keith Gilman V1: I can smell the cigarette/Burning in the spot we met/Now there's just a gaping hole/From the smoke that got out of control. V2: I can taste the Tanqueray/From the glass you sent my way/Ever since, I've chased that buzz/But I can't go back to the way it was. Chorus 1: Senses build the memory, when the smoke and glass come down on me. V3: I can hear the siren ring/Fog consumes Route 17/There's a scene in the cracked rear view/The ups and downs of knowing you. Chorus 2: Senses write the melody/When the flash of glass and smoke proceeds. V4: Deep within that gaping hole/Feel the smoke regain control/Look behind, I start to choke/And I can't escape the glass and smoke. Outro: glass and smoke, glass and smoke, glass and smoke, (it's gonna blow), glass and smoke.
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10.12.2022 (352 days ago)
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74 Glass and Smoke-1.mp3