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"Lay your weapons down" - (Demo/Bedroom Sessions)
Demo - The Bedroom Sessions
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  •  Jo-Ann Neras: 
    Hey Martin,

    I wrote down your lyrics so that it's easier to comment on them. Could you let me know if it's right and fill in the blank parts?

    Lay your weapons down

    Lay your weapons down (3)
    Lay 'em down

    I thought I died at war hunted down like a fox
    by politicians in suits after Summit talks

    Drink Champagne and shake hands, they can't feel her fear
    Agree to build a fence and meet again next year

    We look for superstars on radio stations
    with millions on the run in other nations

    Hear the cries (hear the cries) of those who are on their way
    They may not reach the land where they plan to stay


    well it's __ abuse by some fanatic Ice
    They manage/too manic? to blame because they're on both sites

    And a line of dropping bombs so-called defense
    And let the people starve at the border fence

    while the __ rape-abuse people on the run
    the man he hunted down by men with guns

    those who speak out their minds and wait __nightmare
    of torture and __ dance on air

    Solder's storming a town that they then dust in flames
    With brave heroes __ best to claim

    A woman on her knees cries "what have you done?"
    This man you have killed was my only son

    Is this walking the right way to bring World peace
    or is this what we call the greatest disease

    The girl speaks out her mind- this world shall be ours
    Let weapons be replaced by beautiful flowers

    Bridge: When will there be peace on Earth - I had a dream


    I really like the theme of it. It's great.
    Cheers! -
     1676 days ago 
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04.14.2016 (1687 days ago)
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"Lay your weapons down" - (Demo/Bedroom Sessions)