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United Kingdom
I am John and a big music, film, graphic novel buff. basically I am interested in any thing creative or media related. I became obsessed with music at the age of 10, Green Day, Blink 182, Linkin Park and Sum 41 were some of my first interests with music. I then moved on and listened to all types of music and consider my self well open minded in music, I listen to classical all the way to slipknot. as a Song writer lyrics have come naturally but have all struggle to come up with strong melody's. I can play guitar but can fool around with bass, drums and piano.
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Songwriter, Composer
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video chat, email
Alternative, Blues, Indie, Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
I'm strongest at:
lyrics, chord progressions
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Sounds like:
Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dyan, Tom Petty, Byan Adamsand Brian Fallon
Bruce Springsteen, Beatles, David Bowie, Sum 41 and gaslight anthem.
Songwriting is my:
Songwriting Achievements:
finishing Brighton Institute of Modern Music diploma in songwriting.
Personal Songwriting Goals:
To write lyrics for top artists.
Collaboration Goals:
publishing deal, just for fun
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The Great Escape

Lucy, the cassette playin our song
I remember from when we were young
I heard it this morn’ sound of silence
In the night, darkness of the islands

We always shared diner, after that I would lose her
To the boys’ the drinks and the noise
And then I knew I was lonely and blue
She made me cave in, her pink hair was raven

Lucy, spent my nights waiting and worried
But you would not quit the party
Looking for signs, Lost out on good times
Watching movies from the nineteen eighties

Standing in the guernsey rain, It felt so strange
you didn’t know his name
Lost and broken, he was smokin
Bites on his neck not forgotten

But then one night, I saw headlights
And made the great escape
Felt so right, you were outta sight
I made the great escape
But sometimes the sound of silence
Plays on the cassette tape
1928 days ago
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1933 days ago
Suburban Street

I was lost and confused, looking for retreat,
In a small house in a Suburban Street,
With a pen and old man guitar,
Dreamed all day that I was a superstar,

Mum and dad asked about my grades,
The evil sports that I never played.
Never interested, on my own crusade.
Headphones on, stay up late.
Imagined worlds I would create.

It happened at twenty three,
Finished uni and felt so free.
Then life came in, got a nine to five,
Everything stopped, I wasn’t alive.

The world seemed so corrupt,
But the work train don’t stop.
Stuck on tills, no voice,
Boss says you got no choice.
I quit in search of a better life,
Not going to live in strife.

Never did start a rock band,
stuck in good old Guernsey land.
Still lost and confused, looking for retreat.
In a small house in a suburban street.
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