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College Park
United States
I'm a prolific and versatile lyricist with over 3000 lyrics. I want to create songs and market them to major artists either directly or through their labels, managers, producers or agents.
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Songwriter, Composer
Preferred collaboration style:
in person, video chat, email
Alternative, Blues, Christian/Gospel, Comedy, Country, Dance, Hip Hop/Rap, Metal, Pop, R&B/Soul, Reggae, Rock
I'm strongest at:
Instruments I write with:
no instrument
Sounds like:
numerous styles
Too many to list
Songwriting is my:
hobby, planned career
Songwriting Achievements:
I was once offered a publishing deal on my country material and when I lived in Northern California a number of heavies in the industry validated my lyrical talent.
Personal Songwriting Goals:
Placing songs with major artists
Collaboration Goals:
publishing deal, sync placement (film, TV, video games), mainstream artist release, niche/independent artist release
Sound Albums

Copyright By Joel Lerner   Drop The Needle, Drop The Spoon   Stop sign on the main line Your life's passing you by Keep that junk out of your veins boy Before you have to kiss this world goodbye   Your life force is losing power Your hanging on by a thread
Joel Lerner · 511 days ago

                                              Joel Lerner Copyright 5-21-2001                                                       I DON’T EAT BACON (but I’m fond of hogs)   V1 The wind in my hair The bugs in my teeth Zero to Sixty in a hurry I just wanna
Joel Lerner · 511 days ago

                                             Joel Lerner Copyright 2-9-2001                                                BORN TO PLAY THE BLUES   V1 When I was a boy growin up amongst the corn My mama said she cried tears of joy on the day that I was bor
Joel Lerner · 511 days ago

By Joel Lerner Copyright 6-3-17   It’s Time   Come out of your prison Come out of your cell This life is for living Leave your own private hell   Life’s what you make it Make time your friend We’re only given so much And we may not pass this way again   It
Joel Lerner · 511 days ago

                                                          Joel Lerner Copyright 12-17-2000                    EASY STREET, THAT'S  MY ADDRESS   V1 For years I was lost Didn't know where I was going But now I've got a map That shows me where I'm at And life
Joel Lerner · 511 days ago

By Joel Lerner Copyright 12-12-17   A Cleansing Rain   As the leaves fall down the landscapes change And the colors disappear, we know Winter is near If for a short time and then Spring will arrive Next comes the Summer of our lives   We are alive, let’s m
Joel Lerner · 511 days ago

Joel Lerner Copyright 1997   Groove Time   Put your work thoughts aside Place your briefcase out of site Get your party mindset on Don't you know it's Friday night   We've been working hard all week And you know that it's a grind But forget all that right
Joel Lerner · 511 days ago

By Joel Lerner Copyright 5-21-18   TEARDROPS DILUTE MY WHISKEY   I’m sitting at the bar I’m putting money in the juke And every single song They all remind me of you   The time we spent together Was the best period of my life But when you left me for anoth
Joel Lerner · 511 days ago

By Joel Lerner Copyright 1-5-13                 Ganjafication   Out in Mendo and Humboldt  the weed grows strong The people in the field toil all day long To bring you the ganja that we all enjoy Before the DEA finds it and it gets destroyed   And the Rast
Joel Lerner · 511 days ago

Joel Lerner Copyright 1996   Johnny Boy   Johnny grew up in a Midwestern town He made his living planting things in the ground He wanted more, thought of heading out west His aspirations like a weight on his chest   He needed more than the soil could offer
Joel Lerner · 511 days ago
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170 days ago
joelhits commented on a sound
Stanfield, I enjoyed this song. Mikael has an interesting voice and it really worked on the song.
I'm Running Out of Tears (Song For Santa Fe, TX)
Music written and performed by Mikael Lagersson who I met right here on SongwriterLink.
181 days ago
joelhits commented on a sound
Sorry for the late reply. I'm just seeing your comment. Thank you.

B Line For My Heart (Country)
This is a country song about a guy falling for a girl he met in a honky tonk.
181 days ago
joelhits commented on a sound
Douglas, very nice song. I loved the instrumentation and your voice as well. I'd like to have had the lyrics in front of me.

477 days ago
Joel Lerner added 8 new sounds to album Joel Lerner's timeline sounds
505 days ago
Joel Lerner  
505 days ago
B Line For My Heart (Country)
This is a country song about a guy falling for a girl he met in a honky tonk.
505 days ago
Joel Lerner commented on a lyrics
Very good lyric. I like your writing style. I'm also a lyricist. I'm curious why so few folks on this site have posted examples of their work. It would be a real timesaver if everyone posted examples.


---Verse--- I found my childhood toys the other dayCovered in memories and dust nowI sat down and I tried to playBut I just couldn't figure out how ---Chorus--- I guess I grew up too fastI guess I lost all my youthThey say that good things don't lastYeah I
509 days ago