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Hello everyone! I'm a sixteen-year-old who has been writing english covers of korean songs (k-pop) for two years now. So, I could say that I have some experience but I'm still for sure an amateur. I could gladly use some help from someone more experienced. I'm a bit of an perfeccionist and lately I've been struggling with writing, a little of laziness mixed with lack of motivation. I hope participating here helps me.
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Songwriter, Composer, Lyricist, Topline Writer, Beat Producer
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Pop, R&B/Soul
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no instrument
Taylor Swift Tiffany Young
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hobby, planned career
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Write songs that I like and maybe be successful
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just for fun
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16 days ago
Fabio S, you've not gotten any requests, maybe because of your age. I'm thinking of that line from Elton John's Empty Garden saying "Some thinks he formed his best in younger years." I've worked with young folk in my children's musical (6-8th grade) and I think there's a LOT of creativity when you're starting out. Maybe the best. But I need to know if you are able to create sheet music as I work with performers who need the score in front of them. Here is a sample of my lyrics. The set up is a scene from a musical where a character is watching another guy get trapped in a headlock by the 2nd guy's fiancée. Yeah, she's pretty tough.

Answer me if you think you could compose a melody and create a demo track to this. I'm comfortable collaborating just with email. Frank John.

Tap Out Already!

By Frank John © 2009, 2019

Lotsa guys go for the fight
It’s the most natural thing to do
Lotsa guys never ever win a fight
And man, is that the case for you!

Tap Out!
Cause you’re losing.
You tap twice
(Tap-tap, tap-tap)
Loud as
You can.
Hanging on
Is way hard-
The other side
Got smart
And too far
Inside your guard.

Tap out!
(Tap-tap, tap-tap)
You gave up
You stand bad
Tap Out!
(Tap-tap, tap-tap)
You’re blue
And your
Enemy doesn’t care.
The arm bar
Pulls your joint
I think
That choke hold
Is gonna reach
Your heart.

It takes stones to go in scared
War or love, let the man choose!
Nuggets of steel to go in unprepared.
Trying is golden, except when you lose.

(Tap-tap, tap-tap)
(Tap-tap, tap-tap)

Your pulse
Feels thready.
And vision
Gets dark
(Tap-tap, tap-tap)
Tap Out!
Tap Out!
Tap Out!
Tap Out Already!
16 days ago