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---Verse--- I found my childhood toys the other dayCovered in memories and dust nowI sat down and I tried to playBut I just couldn't figure out how ---Chorus--- I guess I grew up too fastI guess I lost all my youthThey say that good things don't lastYeah I
Kozo Pinkwillow · 745 days ago

---Chorus--- Let's run away little girlI'll keep you safe little girl If you just do as I say you'll be okay little girlDont walk away little girl I'll make you pay little girlDon't you know that girls like you ain't got no place in this world ---Verse---
Kozo Pinkwillow · 761 days ago

I grew up, but what the matter?!Now I want a younger be.Disbelief in age is better.Why is youth departing me?I will run from myself,Run away.But, "Fall out of love"Never say.What is happened: heart distressing?May be something going wrong?!Walk on paths al
Xenia D. Davydova · 770 days ago

------ Verse ------ There comes a day when you learn that youth has given all it could There comes a day you realise that you're growing up for good And you can't go back, to the dreams you had No you can't go back ------ Pre-Chorus ------ Back to sitting
Kozo Pinkwillow · 809 days ago