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Back when you were at the top of your game Way before PC and the coming of insane When your armor shone in the mid-day sun And there was no mistaken who was number one   When all made one and one made all A melting pot where we all stand tall Never to be b
Jeff Kelly · 287 days ago

We were tired and our bodies were sore, We moved on never knowing what was in store. We were breathing heavy, and the sweat clung to our hair, As we moved on steadily, never getting anywhere.   We’d been going like this for hours and dusk had turned to daw
Carrie Croteau · 778 days ago

Fifteen gentle spirits sailed from County Mayo way To seek a bright new future on a chilly April day, They danced and sang at Castlebar the night before they sailed And none could have predicted what the hands of fate unveiled.   Annie Kelly’s eyes, they s
Dennis Goodwin · 951 days ago

Oscar's standing in the sunlight's glow. Laughing at what? We don't know. And I am trying very hard to see, through the beautiful eyes of Oscar Magee. I need to reach the little boy at the door. But I don't speak the language of angels anymore. He doesn't
Carrie Croteau · 1066 days ago

The stories growing upThey told me about destinyOh oh I didn't believe it no Till she walked up to me Oh ohShe told me "Saturday night,Pick me up at eight"Oh ohShe look me dead in the eyesAnd said "I don't like to wait" Oh no Yeah she said --- Please be on
Kozo Pinkwillow · 1529 days ago

Bruce Springsteen's on the radio And it's nineteen -eighty-four There's and actor in the White House A man you can't ignore Over in the Soviet Union The country comes alive To the noise of a new leader And it's nineteen-eight-five He's charismatic and he
Ian Tuton · 1942 days ago


So you think you know me  You think you have me All figured out But you don't see what happens  When the lights go out  You think you're invincible  You haven't met me yet Trying to be invisible  Is gonna leave you with regret Don't play me for a fool my
katie Houghton · 2315 days ago

A birdy came to tell me In the middle of the night Not to blame myself no more That it'd all be alright Forgive yourself he tweeted  It's not your fault that he cheated Spread your wings and learn how to fight Now I'm not gonna lie no more Nor am I gonna
katie Houghton · 2317 days ago

You and me are distant dreamers Or so the others say  Searching for the truth between us To set us on our way Until the day that truth unfolds Between us we have found A sanctuary of solitude A private dreaming ground  A world only for the wisest here  No
katie Houghton · 2318 days ago
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