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With a hope and a prayer Solemn vows to be made One heart to another A promise conveyed Our shared bonds made stronger By the love we create And love is a choice that we make. Come closer, take my hand, Trust in me, trust in us. When we trust each other Ou
Ron Gray · 29 days ago

The way you’re treating me    It’s a pityThe way I’m treating you    It’s a pityThe way we treat each otherLike one stranger to another    It’s a downright dirty rotten shame.Once we were together    What a pityBut now we’re each alone    Such a pityThere’
Ron Gray · 40 days ago

The first day that I met her She looked so debonair It was plain enough to see She dressed herself with care   If you want to see the gang, girl The guys meet up at noon I new that if she came along this would happen pretty soon   Our hearts will beat toge
jon bek · 160 days ago

The sun’s barely up when it starts going down, The frost and dampness cling everywhere. It's not so far to get to the mountains; One day's drive, I'd already be there.     I come home from work, tired and achy Our place is messy and the couch has a tear. I
Sharon Lu · 213 days ago

I don't want to changeall the turns I didn't takeStones skipping pastthe watershed break;a kiss in the snowis just a fork in the roadat twenty.Do you press your backto the wall the same time as mine?Do you play cat's cradlewith our string theories intertwi
Lizzie McLain · 679 days ago

I like to walk into the sun  When I find just what I'm looking for I come right down and join everyone. You button me up when I come undone. yes I found you just in time to replace the missing wine in my cup When you're beside me girl there is nothing in
Jason Ferguson · 778 days ago

I lit a candle in the dark I don’t know where I found the spark. We stayed until we heard the lark. In our small corner of the park. Above the crypts and tombs below. I chose to let my feelings show. Those images still move and flow. Please turn them off
Jason Ferguson · 778 days ago

VERSE I set my course and autopilot. I tried to fly around the weather. Some of my instruments were broken. I flew straight into the storm. VERSE It's touch and go when we’re together. Our frequency is breaking up. I'm pulling back upon the joystick. You
Jason Ferguson · 778 days ago

VERSE We've been together 20 years.  We've had a lot of laughs and tears. We raised two kids, together in this home on this corner lot. Although we've had our ups and downs. We've seen the sun more than the clouds. CHORUS And I just want to thank you for
Jason Ferguson · 778 days ago

You turned your cheek, but turned my way. You let me hold your hand. Along a path where memories fade, I became your man. I've struggled often to walk straight.  But with perspective's humbling weight You saved me at an alarming rate. Was this part of you
Jason Ferguson · 778 days ago
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