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I can see you, but I can't touch you,When I press my hand up to the glass,You align our palms and fingertips,But that's as close as we ever get. How can I be missing something I've never truly had?At night I dream in bits and pieces of shards of broken gla
Adriena Clifton · 998 days ago

Little Boys (Lexi James, Shelby Rollins) Verse Saw you the moment that I walked in Mesmerized by those ocean eyes I knew those arms would feel so good, holding me, holding me tight Should’ve seen trouble all over your face Should’ve listened to my head, sh
Lexi James · 1000 days ago

Section One Rejection feels like being dragged underwater I fought so hard for you In my heart I knew the truth   And my heart was never made For enduring so much pain Just because I’m fragile Doesn’t mean that I will break   Bridge Call me a deserter But
Justine Perry · 1008 days ago

C’Ville   White knights and torches  come to save the bronze  of Robert E. Lee   Black helmets and bitter forces  come to exalt the right to  turn flagpoles into spears   Bridge: Were you there on that day? How could anyone look away, We were all there tha
Bob Comenole · 1015 days ago

I don’t know what I’m gonna do He looks like someone I knew That someone I don’t want to Ever know again It’s funny it’s so strange How so many men look the same How so many men walk the same Talk the same Cop the same attitude Everything I can’t resist in
thomas cee · 1164 days ago


I look at you and I see my whole life Nothing before you but now I'm alive You've stopped me from wond'rin', saved me from sin Caught me from fallin' from the edge of the pit. I look at you and I know every line Etched in my memory, never to leave Your la
Sharon Vennall · 1430 days ago