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In spring of eighteen sixty-three, along that Comstock Lode Virginia City didn’t have the highest moral code, And when they heard another fallen angel fluttered down They thought she’d join the others on the seedy side of town.   But Julia would join them
Dennis Goodwin · 616 days ago

A dark-haired beauty settled in our Colorado town And lit up every lonely miner’s heart for miles around, No other dancehall darlin’ could even stand a chance When our silver-heeled angel would fly into her dance.                She’d tap her fancy dancing
Dennis Goodwin · 617 days ago

Streetlights dropping yellow tears,Rain is sprinkling from above.And I whisper, whisper: “Please,Could You verse Your tender love!..”Tell me, tell me of sunset,Of sunrise or weather,How one day we’re gonna met,How we’ve been together.Oh, how difficult it i
Dannais dde Daneann · 1609 days ago